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Gaza Attack and Its Finalized Outcomes


Assoc. Prof. Cuma KARAN

Every attack or war and every defense developed against it has its own different and multidimensional consequences, which generally become apparent at the end of the war. However, to get directly into the subject, the Israeli attack on Gaza has resulted in certain outcomes in an ongoing war that has not yet ended, which can be listed as follows:

1-  Hamas is not a rogue organization but a resistance movement that emerged because of Israel's inhumane practices and was accepted as an interlocutor.

2-   Israel revealed through its practices in the realms of rights and law that it could not meet the standards of a state.

3-    By committing genocide, Israel has thrown away victimization, thereby discarding victimhood literature in its own history with its own hands and denied itself.

4-    They generated hatred towards Jews living as minorities worldwide.

5-    The cruel oppression it has committed in plain sight has reached every member of the human family through the influence of visual and virtual media. This stain will never be erased and will always resonate in a collective conscience.

6-  Zionism holding world politicians hostage and Jews holding corner seats have been deciphered. Now, the public has reached a point where they will hold their leaders accountable, asking, 'Why aren't you saying anything to Israel?'

7- Throughout the world, the lies and hypocrisy of states that parrot humanitarian concepts have been deciphered on this issue, unfortunately.

·        The inviolability of Human Rights,

·        Safety of Civilians' Lives,

·        Innocence of Children and Women,

·        Inviolability of Places of Worship and Hospitals,

·        Respect for Settlements,

·        Importance of Nature and Environment,

·        Necessity of Proportional Use of Force,

·        Justification of Self-Defense, and Freedom of the Press, like the taboos they used for their own interests in the modern world, were demolished by their own hands.

8-  Israel's perception of invincibility has been shattered, and its brutality has been revealed in its nakedness.

9-  The army equipped with the most modern gear turned out to be the weakest and most cowardly in the world; an unseen Hamas was sufficient to defeat it.

10- Different identities of leaders have emerged in Islamic geography. With the revelation of their behind-the-doors collaborations despite their supposed opposition to Israel, societies have partially awakened, and indelible records have emerged for future generations. Now, someone will not easily deceive societies with 'Palestine literature' anymore.

11-    The Palestinian people stood as a single body with the elderly and young, women and men, Christians, and Muslims united. Together, they were exposed to bombs and died, but they did not leave their homeland.

12- The Palestinian people, especially heroic mothers who gave birth to fighters (mujahideen) through devout phrases such as 'Praise be to Allah, thank Allah, and Allah is enough for us,' demonstrated their strong faith, defying death; they breathed life into hope and freedom.

13-    They showed two billion Muslims about their true faith.

14-  They made the whole world watch what kind of foundation religion provides, moment-by-moment.

15-   People overwhelmed by disbelief have turned to Islam with curiosity in the face of this resistance, filled with examples of patience and tolerance. How similar are these orientations to those that came after the Hudaybiya peace?

16-  Independent of matters, people who watched Gaza directly via satellite had the opportunity to know Islam in its new, fresh, and clean form, as if it were descending from the sky. It will not be surprising to see people who observe the patience, tranquility, and dignity of Gaza Muslims converting to Islam soon.

17- The comparison between the humane treatment shown by Hamas towards hostages and the brutality exhibited by Israel towards the civilized civilian population and hostages has been extensively made and perhaps will be taught in textbooks.

18- An Israeli soldier who shoots every moving creature will enter the annals of World War history as a disgusting example. The sheep they shoot are an indication that they have no sense of morality and ethics.

19-   Israel, by even removing buried corpses with bulldozers, showed the world and future generations that it no longer had any moral value whatsoever.

20-   While world leaders capitulated on Zionism, months-long protests demonstrated how free and powerful their people were.

21-    It was understood that Eastern Muslim societies could not be true representatives of Holy Islam, with the pressure they were subjected to and their will to surrender to their rulers.

22-  A person who has believed in and become a servant of Allah should not be a servant to anyone else; this truth reveals the need for Muslim societies to control their own faith. This is because even protests in Muslim societies occur only with the permission of their rulers.

23-   The truth of the verse "How many small armies defeat large armies" was revealed once again.

24- It has been clearly revealed that blasphemy is a single nation. However, the brotherhood of Muslims, who were supposed to be brothers, remained "so-called.” This was recognized as a consequence of a serious faith crisis.

25- In Islamic geography, most NGOs that remained under the control of governments lacked their own distinctive weight and freedom.

26-  While Israel's oppression brought about the resignations of politicians in some Western states, there was not even a resignation of politicians in Islamic countries. (It's very meaningful!!)

27-    While the people of Gaza, regardless of age or gender, deserve eternal dignity as martyrs, we have been covered in the humiliation of being silent spectators, forfeiting our dignity. This humiliation is sufficient for all.

28- For centuries, the concept of "martyrdom," which Muslim societies have manipulated by killing each other to serve their own interests, found a new life in its original identity in Gaza. Like those at Uhud, they were buried side-by-side, unwashed, in their clothes, and some did not even provide a shroud. Live examples of the terms "mujahid, muwahhid, martyr’ emerged.

29-    If the saying "Israel will drown in the spit of Muslims" is true, then the existence of Muslims is a matter of debate.

30-    The Muslims punishing their leaders' “condemnation” of Israel with the most severe (!) punishment proved the stability of the policy pursued for half a century.

31-    While Muslims as a society make their best efforts to boycott even chewing gum as Israeli goods, the fact that governments do not give up any of their commercial items shows that they will be remembered as hypocrites in the eyes of future generations.

32-  In the future of film and literature, no one will be able to change the roles of Israel as the oppressor and Palestine as the oppressed and the hero.

33-   The artificial war scenes in Hollywood movies are pale compared to Israel's live war practices. When artificial battle scenes are no longer necessary, Hollywood's bankruptcy is imminent.

34-   It was understood how unfortunate we are when comparing Palestinians who say "Alhamdulillah," despite all kinds of impossibilities and family members becoming martyrs, with us, who, despite all blessings, always complain and cannot say "Alhamdulillah" even once. Indeed, we are facing a difficult situation.

35-   Despite the existence of 200 countries in the world and 57 member states in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the fact that a non-Muslim country such as South Africa took Israel to court places it in a category applauded by history to save the dignity of world states. Islamic countries condemned themselves to a category of shame. May Allah save…

36-   Among the Islamic countries, only Malaysia banned the entry and exit of Israeli ships from its ports (https://www.trthaber.com/haber/dunya/malezya-filistin-zulmu-nedeniyle-israil-baglantili-gemilerin-limanlarina-yanasmasini-yasakladi-822278.html) Unfortunately, the Turkish Minister of Transport announced that between October 7 and December 31, 2023, 701 ships were voyaged from Turkish ports to Israel, which corresponds to an average of 8 ships per day, and this statement was recorded as an honest statement. (newspaper news dated January 11, 2024).

37-    Some press, especially “Al Jazeera,” did not hesitate to expose Israel's atrocities and massacres in Palestine to the world, even at the cost of losing many of their employees to Israel's illegal bombs. They became the voices of the oppressed.

38-  The word “Israeled” entered the world literature for the first time as the verb of theft. (When someone asks you to share something of yours and then fights you to get you out of it. Tell everyone you took it from them. For example, in a restaurant, someone is asked to share the table. I agree. After a moment, he asked me to leave because he had met. I have been Israeled (Newspaper news dated 25.12.2023)

39-    Excluding exceptions, while Eastern Muslim societies reveal their comatose state with feeble voices stemming from their leaders' corrupted consciences, the voices arising from the free consciences of Western societies are powerful enough to challenge their leaders every day. The United Kingdom, the country that established Israel, dismissed The Minister of Internal Affairs who called Palestinian protests 'hate marches' (news dated 13.11.2023). The Appeals Court in The Hague ruled for the cessation of supplying materials to Israel within seven days due to the risk of "serious violations of humanitarian law" (news dated 12.2.2024).

40-  The greatest heroes of this war are undoubtedly the Children of Gaza. Israel feared them the most, which is why it killed them the most.

41-  The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has lost 104 personnel (20.02.2024) and thus earned a place in the list of winners for the sake of human dignity.

42-   Israel’s inhumane treatment has also come under the agenda of International Law. Public prosecutor Fanning, who spoke on behalf of Ireland at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), said, “Israel has violated the sixth paragraph of Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention." He also accused Israel of continuing to unlawfully destroy or seize Palestinian properties in occupied Palestinian territory as part of its policy to encourage and facilitate the expansion of illegal settlements. The destruction and seizure of property in this manner blatantly violate the Fourth Geneva Convention and the laws and regulations of war established by the 1907 Hague Conventions." By saying that it has been confirmed that Israel violates the laws in this area as well as in many others. (look newspaper news dated 22.02.2024)

43-   This unlawful and inhumane treatment by Israel has given rise to the urgency to establish a de facto Palestinian state. As is remembered, Hitler's inhumane treatment of Jews paved the way for the establishment of Israel’s state.

44- Despite their governments' support of Western societies for Palestine against Israel, once again documented that the "family of humanity" is standing with their humanitarian and conscientious sensitivities.


Even if Israel destroyed all Gazans, seized their lands, and celebrated victory for days or months, Israel was ultimately a loser and its future was ruined. Not only did it lose but also all world leaders, along with all its components. "The biggest losers are the hypocrites who hold leadership positions in Islamic countries both in this world and the next. Since these military investments by Muslim leaders did not prevent the massacre of innocent Palestinian children, women, and civilians, those investments will be brought before us as a reckoning item in the afterlife, and the reckoning of that day will not be easy at all. Are we the addressees of this verse? What is this with you? You do not fight for the cause of Allah and for oppressed men, women, and children who cry out. Deliver us from this oppressor land! Appoint for us a saviour; appoint for us a helper—all by Your grace.” Believers fight for the cause of Allah, whereas disbelievers fight for the cause of the devil. Thus, the fight against Satan’s ˹evil˺ forces. Indeed, Satan’s scheme was weak. (Nisa, 4/75-76)

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